Basics about men (cont.d)

Steve Harvey’s act like a lady think like a man is a book that every girl should own. It tells you exactly how men think and how their analysis of a relationship differs from that of a woman.

Men as the Provider and Protector.

Women in this situation think of yourself as a magnificent garden that he, the farmer, values tremendously. Possibly because it feeds him (gives him mind-blowing sex). He will ensure that he works his butt off providing for you. Men are natural providers so its OK if he does things for you. Even if your the richest woman in the world and maybe he is just a cleaner, let him spoil you without you fusing over finances. As much as they are natural providers, they are also natural protectors. You are their territory so the will make sure that nobody hurts you u in any way whatsoever. Its the same as a farmer spraying pesticides in his garden to get rid of pests that want to damage his plants.



This is one thing that my boyfriend constantly reminds me of. MEN LOVE SEX. It is something they cannot live very long without. You just have to accept it because there is nothing you can do about it. You can never go wrong with doing it 3 times a week but if this is too much for you than maybe once a week is fine. I am not encouraging you to sleep with a guy the first time you meet him but once you have established a stable relationship with him (this take 3 months or longer) that you can engage in weekly sex.



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